About Us

Fernau LeBlanc Investment Partners, LLC (“FLB”) was formed by William B. LeBlanc and Blair Fernau

Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, since 1998 the principals of FLB have been investor/owners of various commercial real estate properties, and more recently have used their experience and relationships to make controlling and non-controlling investments in smaller operating companies with growth opportunitues. The founders’ diverse backgrounds allow the firm to capitalize on a broad selection of investment strategies across commercial real estate and private operating companies. Previous roles as owners, lenders, asset managers and debt work-out specialists provide perspective in underwriting new and existing projects including troubled debt and non-performing loans.

Our principals have acquired, asset managed and property managed small and large properties of all types and in various geographical locations.

Having a fully integrated investment and operating platform, we are comfortable with everything from developing and implementing strategic asset management programs, to the day-to-day ownership and operation of various commercial properties.

We are Owners & Investors

Our comfort in working both as owners and investors on a multitude of property types and private operating companies in diverse geographical locations, as well as past experience with various partners, clients and capital structures allow FLB flexibility in both the types of investments and assignments we are able to pursue. With over 25 years of direct investing and operational experience our principals are able to levarage relationships with wide array of partners and industry-specific professionals needed for successful projects.

After working within larger companies and in smaller boutique firms, we understand that investors and professionals want to put their trust in people. FLB was formed to harness our principals’ experience and desire to work with select partners and investors on a professional, but also personal basis.