Significant and Diverse Investment & Operating Experience

Since 1998, our principals have been at the crossroads of real estate and private equity, having founded, operated, and exited numerous successful real estate investments and operating companies. Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, our team’s diverse backgrounds allow them to capitalize on a broad selection of investment strategies and services. Our experience as owners, lenders, asset managers, private equity professionals, and debt work-out specialists provides a deep and broad perspective in underwriting new and existing projects and investment opportunities. Our principals have a combined 60+ years of investing and running operating businesses.

Management and Corporate Structure

FLB and PSG are limited liability companies with a combined staff of 13 real estate, management, and maintenance professionals. Our team is responsible for the direct property management and leasing of individual properties as well as overseeing property managers and leasing agents in an asset management role.

Capital Market Transactions

Our specialty is the retail, industrial, and office property market. With both controlling and non-controlling interests we invest in senior, mezzanine, and hybrid capital solutions.

  • Acquired more than $400 million since 2011
  • Controlling interest in concrete construction, moving/storage, and sports facilities industries
  • Non-controlling interests in the airline, restaurant, and railroad infrastructure industries.
  • Public and private investor offerings

Performing/Non-Performing Debt

Our team’s depth of experience has allowed us to manage the acquisition of more than $1 billion in portfolios of performing and non-performing loans, as well as REO properties.

  • Experience managing more than $100 million in book value of troubled loans and REO properties
  • Acquire, restructure, and pay off non-performing debt, lines of credit, and real estate mortgages
  • Negotiate loan work-outs including discounted payoffs, deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, bankruptcy proceedings, foreclosure, and taking title to properties


We’re experienced in mortgage and property portfolio acquisition. Our principals have acquired more than $1 billion as acquisition managers throughout their careers and share that experience with clients and associates.

  • Acquisitions include commercial and office properties, mixed-use land development, and structured finance loans


We have negotiated and structured joint venture partnerships in many private and corporate settings. From high-net-worth family offices to traditional institutional investor equity sources, our team creates profitable solutions.

  • Structure joint ventures for multi-building campuses
  • Arrange lease-backs on tenant-owned commercial buildings